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Top 5 Xbox Sweepstakes Consoles in 2023

2023 was a nutty year for games, but Xbox took it to another step with console giveaways. Yes, I am sad that these systems were not for sale, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the products. This list will comprise Series X and Series S consoles.

#5 Bluey Series X


What would this list be if I didn't include good 'ole Bluey?? Of course, everyone on the internet pointed out that it looks like Tom from Tom and Jerry turned into a cube after getting locked in a safe! I love the colors, I love Bluey and Bingo flossing on the controller. The entire bundle is wholesome and cute.

#4 Barbie Series S


The Barbie Series S was available to enter using Microsoft Rewards. The controller faceplates are a nice touch and I enjoy that it feels like an Xbox Barbie would keep in her dream home.

#3 Wonka Series X


The Wonka Series X ranks at #4, not only because of the beautiful brown finish to the controller and console but also because of the chocolate controller bundled in. I think it's genius to include actual chocolate in the Wonka set.

#2 The Mandalorian Series X & S


This duo is downright phenomenal. The bigger console being Mando and the smaller console being Grogu is adorable, plus the controller sweater is an excellent touch. Who doesn't love accessories??

#1 Diablo IV Series X


To top the list stands the EPIC Diablo IV Series X. I have not played Diablo, but I sure can admire the art and craft of this console and display. Well done Xbox and Blizzard.


Let me know what you agree or disagree with! Make sure to check out more articles below!

Thank you,

Console BoXer

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