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The Official Console boXer List of Mega Hype Games: September '23 Edition.

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Welcome back! I am STOKED for September's lineup, as I think every gamer is. I will run you down my most anticipated games coming out in September 2023.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - September 1st


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has already been released for PC and Nintendo Switch, and to my expectations, it's doing great. I love that gamers are enjoying the pure fun of the Jet Set Radio vibe this game brings to the table. The style, the pacing, the wackiness, and the music. It's all there and looks like a great time, especially for those who haven't experienced Jet Set Radio games.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will be released at $39.99 for Xbox One and Xbox S/X.

Starfield - September 6


I mean...come on...

This game is my most anticipated game all year. I have been waiting for Starfield since I was in high school, and I finally get to lay my hands on it when it hits Game Pass on September 6, 2023. I love No Man's Sky, interplanetary, open-world exploration is so fun. I love Bethesda, I love the options they give the player and I love that I know that if everything else fails, my choices will matter. Bethesda does factions right, they do world-building right, they do characters right. I'm very excited for this game to take me away from every other game I have on the burner and I can't wait to see where this experience takes me.

Starfield will be released at $69.99 on Xbox Series S/X. Available day one on Game Pass.

Lies of P - September 19th


When I first saw the Lies of P reveal I was interested in how the developers were going to tell a dark Pinocchio story. After seeing and reading more about this title, I am all on board. I am a big fan of action RPGs, and I think this will play/look great on the Series X.

Lies of P will be released at $59.99 on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. Available day one on Game Pass.

Payday 3 - September 21st


Soooooo...I have a confession...I didn't get into Payday 2 until last year...

I got into Payday 2 in the middle of 2022 because it was on Game Pass. I have always known about Payday 2 (it had been around for almost a decade, kind of hard to miss) but I've just never found myself in the position to play it until I did. And, no...I'm not the best, most hardcore, super stealthy crook, but I do have a great time when I play. I think Payday executes heists well and I can't wait to see what Payday 3 has to bring to the table.

Payday 3 will be released at $39.99 for Xbox Series S/X. Available day one on Game Pass.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - September 26th


I know that this is not a new game release, but this expansion is monumental for this game/franchise. Alongside the Phantom Liberty expansion, the 2.0 update for Cyberpunk 2077 is set to roll out, overhauling and updating a TON of systems.

I am a huge Cyberpunk 2077 fan and cannot begin to explain how pumped I am for Phantom Liberty. The mystery storyline + the new location get me excited about exploring more of Night City. If you're a fan of Cyberpunk 2077, I think we can agree that it's starting to feel like how we felt before we rolled credits the first time through. Going into the release of Phantom Liberty makes me giddy. I'm ready.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty will be released at $29.99 for Xbox Series S/X.


That is it for The Official Console boXer List of Mega Hype Games: September '23 Edition! And of course, keep your eyes out for the October list coming later in September!

Tell me how my list is and let me know what you're excited for in September 2023!

Thank you,

Console boXer

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