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The Official Console boXer List of Mega Hype Games: October '23 Edition

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

To start, I would like to say that this is an Xbox (fan) site... I understand that Spider-Man 2 comes out this month. I am aware, I am not blind. However, it does not come out on Xbox so it will be excluded. :)

Let's get into it!

Lamplighters League - October 3rd


Lamplighters League has this old time-y XCOM thing going for it and the visual + gameplay appeal is there for me. I have Lamplighters League installed already and can't wait to give the strategy game a whirl.

Lamplighters League is out at $49.99 for Xbox Series S/X. Available day one on Game Pass.

Assassin's Creed Mirage - October 5th


I have been a die-hard fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise ever since eight-year-old me played AC II for the first time. I adore how this franchise captures the areas you're tasked with exploring, and I even loved the RPG take on the series with the Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla installments. But, I cannot express how much excitement I have stored in me for Mirage. Going back to the older roots of AC while also keeping parts of the RPG games fills my heart with joy and I'm sure Basim will become many peoples' favorite Assassin.

Assassin's Creed Mirage releases at $49.99 for Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X

Forza Motorsport - October 10th


My introduction to the Forza Motorsport games was Forza Motorsport 5 being bundled in with our family's Xbox One. My brother and I played the LIGHTS out of that game and it opened my eyes to racing sim games. The number of cars you could unlock and the different tracks you could race on were just super cool. I'm glad I had that experience so that I could look forward to this stunning reboot of the Motorsport series. I hope the visuals and audio is as clean an thought out as advertised.

Forza Motorsport will be released at $69.99 on Xbox Series S/X. Available day one on Game Pass.

More info:

Alan Wake 2 - October 27th


I have never been a fan of anything horror, but this game intrigues me. There's something about the atmosphere of the world in this game that has me hooked. I can't wait to solve mysteries with goosebumps on overdrive the entire time. (Plus it's October so peak spooky game season)

Alan Wake 2 will be released at $59.99 for Xbox Series S/X.


That concludes the *short* list of mega-hype games coming out this month! There are plenty of other ones that I'm looking forward to that are not included, but those are more 'I'll get to them when I get to them" games.

Of course, as always, let me know what you're excited about or what your thoughts on the list are! Stay tuned for November.

Thank you,

Console boXer

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