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The Official Console boXer List of Mega Hype Games: August '23 Edition.

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Welcome to the first edition of the Official Console boXer List of Mega Hype Games (the title stays :) ). I will be going over the games coming to the Xbox platform that catch my eye the most.

Atlas Fallen - August 10th


Atlas Fallen was revealed at Gamescom 2022 with a prerendered, CGI trailer. The world is what caught my attention. I thought the world they had built in the initial trailer was unique and potentially exciting. A world of sand and ruins, mixed with RPG elements seems like a good time to me. And, for those who would like it, there will be a co-op feature as well.

Atlas Fallen will be released at $59.99 for Xbox S/X.

Stray - August 10th


Stray has already captivated gamers, being a timed, PlayStation exclusive. But, the feline adventure game is coming to Xbox on August 10th. Stray will have 24 achievements totaling to 1000 Gamerscore. I look forward to immersing myself into this cozy robot filled world with my wife and living in a dystopia through the lens of a cat.

Stray will release at $29.99 for Xbox One and S/X.

Moving Out 2 - August 15th


Here at Console BoXer, Team 17 games are not only played, they are HYPED UP. I absolutely LOVE Team 17 games! They always do a great job attaching themselves to fun and exciting couch co-op experiences. The Escapists, the Overcooked games, the Worms franchise and Golf with Your Friends have been enjoyed by me and my friends for years. Moving Out 2 will not be an exception. The first Moving Out was a chaotic blast, and I can't wait to see what they bring with the sequel.

Moving Out 2 will release at $29.99 for Xbox One and S/X.

More Information -

Immortals of Aveum - August 22nd


Immortals of Aveum was announced at the Game Awards in 2022, but I had not heard of it until the gameplay trailer released in April '23. I'm interested to see how this game performs and how it executes the first-person, dual-hand magic combat/gameplay. The art and the colors pop enough to get me intrigued visually, hopefully the story drives it all home.

Immortals of Aveum will release at $69.99 for Xbox S/X.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon - August 25th


Last but certainly not least is Armored Core VI. I have never played an Armored Core game before, but this game looks like it will kick massive tail. The visuals paired with the seemingly silky smooth gameplay has me antsy to get my hands on this game. With this being a FromSoftware game too, I think Armored Core VI will do numbers on its first week out.

Armored Core VI will release at $59.99 for the Xbox One and S/X.

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That wraps up the Official Console boXer List of Mega Hype Games: August '23 Edition list. Please keep an eye out for the September version next month!

Let me know what you think of my list and let me know what you're excited for this month!

Thank you,

Console boXer

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