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Series X Customization is Coming!

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

On August 21, 2023, Xbox announced Series X console wraps! Three wraps will be available soon the Starfield console wrap will be released on October 18, 2023, for only $49.99, and the two Camo wraps will follow suit on November 10, 2023, for $44.99.

Pre-orders are available for all three styles right now.

(Official video of the Starfield wrap for the Xbox Series X)

These console wraps just wrap around your Series X, keeping buttons and ventilation in mind. They secure using a hook-and-loop fastening system. Based on the Starfield video from above, the wraps seem to be plated or have some sort of padding around them whether that's for an aesthetic or for protection, I don't know.

The Starfield wrap feels like the ripest, reddest, plumpest cherry on top of the Starfield adjacent products for the Series X. Of course there are the Starfield edition headsets and controller, and now there is a console customization option for the upcoming Bethesda game. So, if you want to go all in on the Starfield setup, you absolutely can in October.

Left: Mineral Camo Xbox Series X wrap. Right: Arctic Camo Xbox Series X wrap.

The Camo wraps impress me quite a bit too. I am not typically a camo person however, I think the execution of these models is done well. I prefer the Mineral Camo wrap for its pop of blue, but I believe both of these are done well.

As mentioned before, the Mineral and Arctic Camo variations are about $5 cheaper than the special edition Starfield one. They don't seem to dip in production quality, though. The build and the design are still deliberate and these will also fasten using the hook-and-ladder technology. Great options for a cheaper price, all around impressed with how low the team at Xbox managed to keep the prices.


My Personal Thoughts

I've never felt the need to customize my console however, I did use to put sticker skins on my 360 controllers in that era. I WILL absolutely get the Starfield wrap, assuming it will always be available. I have the controller and the general look of all of the Starfield products catches my eye like a cat catches mice. I am such a sucker for the white with pops of color and the labeling they have on the peripherals. Hopefully, first-party games in the future get the same treatment, I could get down with an Avowed or a Fallout console wrap.

I am so very excited that Xbox gamers can customize their Series X's, let me know what you think! Will you nab any of the wraps or keep your console as is??

Thank you,

Console boXer


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