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Is Exoprimal Worth It?? *Possible Spoilers*

Exoprimal is Capcom's newest, live-service, PvPvE game. Fighting hordes of dinosaurs is paired with a 5 vs. 5, online competition, with the head to head aspects varying.

To start, this game leads you way off path with the initial setup/cutscenes. Exoprimal starts with character (Pilot) creation that is nothing to drool over, but they do offer pretty cool colors for the suit. Then, you're met with a borderline dreadful amount of cinematics and lore.

When it comes to the story, I would compare it to Fortnite (another live-service game). The story means nothing and only adds context to why there are, in Exoprimal's case, mechs fighting dinosaurs. The story elements of this game are forced and unnecessary, and Capcom takes them...and shoves the lore and cutscenes down our throats as we play online matches and earn the cinematics.

For gameplay, I am personally a fan. This game feels good, the controls are basic, but can make you feel pretty good when you figure out a rhythm for special attacks. The different classes are the standard Tank, Support, and Assault. However, the support class characters feel especially nice in practice. There is also quite a bit of unexpected strategy to the team structure. Unlike Overwatch (another game that uses the class system), Exoprimal does not lock a character if another person is using them, in fact, there isn't a class selection screen in the matchmaking portion at all. You pick what suit you want to rock with on the main screen, and that is pretty neat. It's not entirely unique, but I always appreciate the option of decision (players may also adjust and adapt, mid-match, by equipping a new exosuit).

The content is my next gripe. Luckily Exoprimal released day one on Game Pass, so I was and am still able to play it without paying the whole price tag. However, this game is still bare as all be. The only current mode is "Dino Survival," where you fight waves of dinosaurs. This mode can be played PvP or PvE, but still requires players to share the experience with 4, online teammates. The only other content in this game is in the shape of MICROTRANSACTIONS (evil music) ((JK, I don't mind microtransactions, they're standard and pretty optional for the most part in games)). Jokes aside, there are a few purchasable skins for mech suits and a paid, premium battle pass (there are free, earnable cosmetics alongside the premium tiers). To balance that out, they do offer 3 locked mechs that players can unlock with "BikCoins" as player levels hit 20, 30, and 40. And, luckily (for now) BikCoins to my knowledge are only earned through gameplay...hopefully that sticks...

Now...I know I've come across pretty harsh in this review...but my verdict won't reflect that too much. I give Exoprimal (time of writing is 7/24/2023) a 6.5/10. I understand that a 6.5 is not even close to a phenomenal score, but there is potential. If I knew how this game would stand the test of time, I would upgrade to the premium pass for the extra content. The matches are a weirdly addicting, repetitive jumble of the same few things, but I could totally see me and 3-4 other friends having a blast fighting off dinosaurs. I would say that if you have Game Pass and like shooter games, check it out. I think you'll have a good time.

PS. The Achievements are relatively easy to unlock.

- Console boXer

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