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Xbox's 2023 Game Awards Representation

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

The Game Awards 2023 has wrapped up and what a show! Of course, congratulations to all of the winners during the show, but we are here to talk about Xbox's role at TGA.

First and foremost, Xbox had two first-party games win awards with Forza Motorsport (2023) winning the Innovation in Accessibility and Best Sports/Racing categories. And, HI-FI Rush won in the Best Audio Design category but still held a presence in a handful of strong fields. Now, how about the other Xbox first-party game nominations?


That was the rest of the first-party representation as far as award nominees went. Granted, HI-FI, Forza, and Starfield are solid titles, especially with them releasing within the calendar year. I cannot complain with Starfield showing up at all, considering the banger RPGs gamers were blessed with in 2023. But, with the amount of acquisitions and investments Microsoft/Xbox has made within the space, you'd expect a little more. And, I am also aware that some of the studios that were acquired have ongoing projects that date before they were bought out, I just want a little cherry on top from the Xbox umbrella.

However, I can say with my heart, I 100% believe that the Xbox brand will have a more forward and competitive presence in years to come with games like Avowed, Fable, Clockwork Revolution, and Elder Scrolls 6 anchoring down the exclusive list we're aware of today. I'm excited to see how Xbox takes the wins they had this past year with their three nominated titles and continue to grow from there, where they'll be a Sony with Spiderman and God of War, or a Nintendo with Mario and Zelda.

But, luckily for us, we were graced with some anticipated goodies from Xbox.

Going into TGA, I saw some buzz on X (Twitter) about Xbox fans being in for a treat during the show. Some of my predictions were Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 gameplay, an in-game look at the new Kojima game being made in partnership with Xbox, or maybe even a peek under the door at what's happening with Gears. I got one of those right, with Hellblade 2 showing up with a new gameplay trailer, a live performance, and date (although it is set to come out in 2024). I am on the side of patience. I want developers and publishers to take their time with games so that we, the consumers, receive an incredible product, and they make money to keep supporting existing games or start new projects. And, to their credit, the teams working on Hellblade 2 have been showcasing beautiful sceneries and breathtaking tech with every piece of content surrounding Senua's Saga. So, while it may be frustrating to sit quietly through a seven-year dev cycle, I can almost assure it's so that there is not another Redfall situation in Xbox's lap.

Geoff Keighley introduced Hideo Kojima on stage to discuss Kojima's anticipated title, OD. With a surprise appearance from Jordan Peele, gamers learned that umm...the getting a hand from Jordan Peele?? They talked about it being a thriller/horror experience, but the rest of the conversation was confusing. Kojima said that it is a game, but is not a game, it's a whole new form of media. The snippet/teaser presented was of the different cast members reciting lines using what seemed to be impressive face-capturing technology. OD is being made in collaboration with Xbox, using Microsoft cloud technology, and I'm interested in learning more about what this experience will feel like.

Of course, there is much more to cover from The Game Awards 2023, but I wanted to exclusively touch on the games that will be circulating in Xbox news this week. I left Blade out because I wasn't sure if that was going to be console exclusive, and felt it was best to keep to a certain side of things.


There will be a list of every game from TGA coming to the Xbox platform, so be sure to return for that post!

Thank you,

Console BoXer

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