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A Game (Plus DLC) That Costs $8.97...Is Vampire Survivors Worth it?

I sit down at my computer, today, with a glass of chocolate milk and a cloudy mind. I've just completed, 100%'ed, totally decimated Vampire Survivors on my Xbox Series X.

My chocolate milk is tasty. It is clearing my mind. I am no longer lost.

Vampire Survivors is a 10/10.

Done. Review over.

jk. :)

Vampire Survivors by Poncle is described as a "casual, gothic horror game with rogue-lite elements." Players choose from an array of characters with different quirks and starting abilities.

Starting off may be a little slow, but this game is the definition of "trust the process." When I first started my adventure in the Mad Forest I chose Antonio, a man with a whip. And, I died in maybe two minutes?? But, there was something I knew I was missing.


So, I checked the Unlocks menu and there it was...Everything I needed to know to progress this game was right there. All in enough detail to get the point across, but not too revealing.

After a few trial-and-error runs, I finally got the hang of it, the game opened up tremendously. I was collecting items, the world Poncle built had deepened, and I was finding myself at a loss for words when something crazy and unexpected happened.

The items and abilities you unlock and level up are so much fun. That even goes for some of the weapons that are painful to use at the start, once you level them up/unify/evolve them, it's a whole new ball game.

If everything seems vague, that's on purpose. To open up, I'll say this:

1) The gameplay from a physical standpoint, like how the player controls the game is very simple. The gameplay is directional. You just move the character and how you move them will be based on the patterns of your weapons and needs for the situation.

2) Give every item a chance. Even some mediocre weapons with one character may work better with others, then you'll eventually find weapon combos that absolutely slaughter.

3) I enjoyed the music in Vampire Survivors a ton! The music ties in that old-school vibe I feel like Poncle is going for.

4) The variety of enemies is truly refreshing and fun. I was happy going into each stage being met with a swarm of familiar bats while also being bombarded by many, stage-specific monsters to fend off.

5) You can pick up and play for as long or as little as you wish. On some runs, I only played for 15 minutes for an achievement, quit, and I was still awarded the achievement. You can pause to adjust settings or quit at any time. You can play this game on YOUR time.

6) As I said before, what I wish I had practiced more during my playthrough was trusting the flow and the process of the game. If you feel like you're onto something, give it another try. If a level or part of a level gets hard, try a new character or weapon(s). Using your imagination will benefit you, you'll find new ways to play, and you will find items that complement each other.

The base game was such a blast (played through Xbox Game Pass) that I actually purchased both DLCs available for Vampire Survivors. It is the first time I have purchased content offered on a game I have exclusively experienced on Game Pass.

To run down the DLCs really quick:

With both DLCs, you gain two new stages, a handful of characters, and a slew of weapons. The Mt. Moonspell stage offers a fun level of exploration and a unique environment covered in snow. And, the Lake Forscari stage offers a similar feeling of adventure but it's a green forest. Both DLCs offer more achievements and more unlocks after the base game (I am unsure if you can access the paid content before rolling credits), bringing the game's total to 1470G.

Every achievement was worth it. They've added four-player co-op as well, so if you want to play with friends/family, you absolutely can. I also played the base game on my phone using cloud, on my computer using PC Game Pass, and of course, on my Series X, and it all worked smooth as butter.

If purchasing the base game is $4.99 and the DLCs are $1.99 a piece. If you play the base game through Xbox Game Pass, you will have to purchase the add-ons if you wish to play them. Still, a cost-effective game when looking at price to play time.

All of this makes Vampire Survivors a 10/10 for Console BoXer.

Final Stats:

-Achievements: 190/190 (1470/1470G)

-Time Played: 2 days 14 hours 28 minutes

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